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Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography and Travelogue is an educational institute on photography based in Kolkata. It offers comprehensive training on Digital Still Photography, Cinematography, Film Direction and Acting. The course is designed for those who would like to make their career in still photography, cinematography and film direction or would like to enrich their photography skill to the premium level to aspire to work as an independent professional. The practical training will be done with professional instruments and infrastructure. Our mission is to provide high quality education within minimum budget and time to enhance the skills so that the participants can learn the subject even within their busy schedule.

Still & Motion Picture Photography

All of us are based in mesmerizing place like India, where we have the opportunity to see landscape, nature, people, culture and festivals around us throughout the year. As we all know that each one of us is having some kind of artistic sense and vision based on which we try to feel and appreciate about everything what we see, what we read, what we feel and what we listen to. But the real challenge comes, how we express those in front of people. Like writing story, poem or drawing a painting to express your feelings and thoughts, photography is also another media to express the same.

In the area of Digital Still photography, we provide training on Travel and Documentary photography, Photojournalism, Commercial photography like Wedding, Events, Product and Still life for advertisement, professional portrait. After successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to photograph efficiently as per the industry standard.

In the area of Cinematography and Film Direction, we provide training in the area of Documentary film, Feature film and Advertisement. All the necessary steps of film making(from concept to execution) are covered with examples and practical. After successful completion of this course, you will be confident enough to build up your own feature and documentary film including Video Song album even with minimum gadget.

If you think that you have some artistic sense, come forward, enhance your knowledge in photography, visualize the world around you, unlock the potential of your imagination, apply your creative thinking, put your artistic sense in full focus and capture the photo sincerely from your heart that tells a story. We are always there with you to fulfill your vision. 

Another point we would like to make it very clear that the person behind the camera plays the most important role as he or she is having the full concept. If you do not have the clear sense of what to capture and how to capture, you cannot make a good picture, even if you have costly equipment.

Training on Acting

In the area of Acting, we provide training on how to do acting in Stage as well as Cinema. The training also includes Recitation, Anchoring and News Reading. After successful completion of this course, you will be confident enough to act in front of camera as well as stage with proper Gesture, Posture, Expressions, Looks, Body Language and Voice Modulation etc. You will also understand different terminologies of shot which are required during shooting in studio and stage.

Considering varying levels of aptitude, the courses have been designed as basic, advance and then commercial level so that the student can improve and strengthen their skill gradually to meet the industry standard. The course has been also structured with proper blend of theory, practical classes, workshops and project assignments so that the student can get the opportunity to do enough practice independently to get the clear idea of the subject. We also ensure individual attention and hand holding as well, in case of any difficulty in understanding the subject so that the student can clearly get the insight about the basic principles.

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We understand that it is a journey. However, with proper guidance, honest effort and constant practice we believe that you can also achieve the perfection and success as well.

Some of the initiatives and pipeline projects in Cinematography and Film Direction

The team from Ujjiban have put lot of time and effort in past couple of years to capture quite a lot of pictures of different categories from different places. This image archive will actually help the students to understand the grammar of photography and other advanced technical aspects. From motion picture photography perspective, Ujjiban has built up several motion picture documentaries. A sample collage of few still photos are also shared in the website. All these are captured from the original movie footage. Apart from that, in 2015, Ujjiban has also made a full length feature film ‘Dhusar Pandulipi’ based on a thriller story. The entire story, script, cinematography and direction are completely done by Ujjiban. Another short telefilm ‘Breaking News’ will be published shortly by April 2016. In this way Ujjiban is making continuous effort in formulating up own library portfolio for the benefit of the students, which will be leveraged as case study samples during the lecture sessions, so that they can understand how to take photographs in real life situation. To produce a professional level movie film from concept to execution within an affordable budget, the students will be taught about:

  • Overall life cycle of a film making.
  • How to build up a good quality script from a story.
  • The audition process of casting the characters.
  • How to design the scene and shot division in a more appealing way, considering the emotional and sensitivity aspect of the scene.
  • How to compose the shot which can boost up the overall mood of the scene.
  • Use of ambient light and artificial light.
  • How and where to focus meaningfully, based on the context of the scene.
  • How to apply different camera movements elegantly to carry the pleasing rhythm of the story.
  • Application of background music and sound to make the movie more fascinating.

Thanks and Regards from Ujjiban ISPT team.