Ujjiban ISPT offers short term training courses & workshops on Acting. The courses are designed for those who would like to make their career for Acting in Cinema and Stage or would like to enrich these skills to the premium level to aspire to work as an independent professional.

The training also includes Recitation, Anchoring and News Reading. After successful completion of this course, you will be confident enough to act in front of camera as well as stage with proper Gesture, Posture, Expressions, Looks, Body Language, Characterization, Play Analysis and Voice Modulation etc. You will also understand different terminologies of camera shots which are required during shooting in cinema.

The course has been also structured with proper blend of theory, practical classes and workshops so that the student can get the opportunity to do enough practice independently to get the clear idea of the subject. We also ensure individual attention and hand holding as well, in case of any difficulty in understanding the subject so that the student can clearly get the insight about the basic principles of acting.

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