Still Life and Product Advertisement-photography

Learning basic Still life photography is highly beneficial to understand commercial product photography. Develop your artistic sense of composition and light. That will make you competent on how to shoot any commercial product.

  • Foods and beverages
  • Cosmetic products
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Cars and bikes etc…

Ujjiban ISPT has a short term course on commercial photography. Please click the image below to our offering on commercial photography education. You will learn

  • How to build a theme
  • How to use Light to add the drama in your composition.
  • How to arrange the necessary props to create the aesthetic of your composition.

These concepts will help you to move up the value chain as a commercial photographer for any product advertisement work. Our mentors will help you to make you competent and confident to become an efficient commercial photographer.

Still life, Product and Advertisement-photography at Ujjiban ISPT

Still life, Product and Advertisement-photography

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