Photographer add life to images. With the rapidly changing times, the concept of the world becoming a Global Village, we yearn more and more. With the rapidly growing technologies we now find things possible which seemed impossible only a decade ago. The same goes for photography too. This was something which was treated as mere fascination and recreation. Yet pictures have a powerful impact, they convey much more than what mere words can convey. They can inform, amaze, shock, amuse if they are presented in the right manner by the Photographer. If you have an eye for aesthetic composition and detail, if you enjoy presenting things visually and communicating ideas through photography, then this could go much beyond a mere hobby into a fully thriving lucrative profession. We at Ujjiban ISPT being a premier photography Institute in Kolkata in this blog attempt to make you aware of the scope of photography as a serious profession and how our photography courses could help you to pursue this profession.

Future Aspects Of Photographer:

Photography today offers a wide variety of career options which could be very lucrative if you are really passionate and serious. This could be:

The profession of Press Photography or photo journalism – which involves photography dealing with daily news or events

Fashion Photography- where you have to be a part of fashion houses, designers or individual models.

Wildlife Photography- This is a kind of photography which captures photographs of the animal and plant kingdom and also covers landscapes and scenery. So if you are a lover of wildlife or nature this may be most ideal for you.

Portrait Photographer – are people oriented ones who click snaps of individuals. Some even specialize in wedding photography.

Industrial Photographer – is the ones who work in the industrial sectors for the purposes of advertising and selling of industrial products.

Freelancing Photography – Once you have gathered experience in any photography, you are always at liberty to work as a freelancing photo, provided you have great management skills and have the ability to work independently.


Career Path in Photography

Commercial Photography

  • Product Advertisement: As a product photographer, your responsibility will be to produce the picture using right kind of technical setups and lighting skills so that it can be attractively featured in advertisement media for the target customers. Here products can range from life style products (from Jewellery / Cosmetics / Watches etc.), foods and beverages, automobiles etc.
  • Fashion Photography: Fashion photography is primarily related to fashion products where you have to work closely with models and fashion designers to shoot photos that showcase fashion items. Experienced fashion photographers may get the opportunity to work as freelance photographer or sometime at the earlier stage of his/her career may be employed by fashion magazines, catalogs, advertising agencies or fashion houses.

Event Photography

  • Wedding ceremony: Nowadays wedding photography has become most vital part of any wedding program. Apart from capturing only the memories, clients also demand for most innovative and artistic images for which you have to be highly creative. Now the work is not only few images consisting of group photos. Using your innovative ideas, proper ground work and technical knowledge you have to come up with images which can accentuate the overall mood of the scene artistically. Wedding photography is highly competitive and hence to survive, you have to deliver premium quality pictures to the clients which are really artistic by nature.
  • Corporate or Family events: Corporate Events: Taking pictures of employees and guests in corporate events such as conferences, parties, celebrations and sales events, training, meetings etc. It also includes taking formal pictures of employees for websites, magazines and news letters Family Events: Taking pictures of family events like birthday, marriage anniversary, social get-together etc. Apart from straight group shots, you might have to deliver some artistic images to your client.

Documentary photography

  • Phot0journalism: Photography on real life or current affair reportage. It might also be an amateur, artistic or sometime for academic purpose. This is all about truthfully portraying people, places and events. With additional qualification on journalism and mass communication, you can get the opportunity at Newspaper company.
  • Travelogue: This is also a documentary in nature where you have to have the illustrated write up of a travel. The purpose is to help the reader to about the place, about the culture, people, foods etc. which we normally see in any travel magazine.

Digital Still Photography Course At Ujjiban ISPT:

Our mission at Ujjiban ISPT, leading provider of Workshop on Acting in Kolkata provides high quality education at a minimum budget and to enhance the skills of the participants as per the requirements of the industry, which could fit in the busy schedule.

The Digital Photography at Ujjiban ISPT has 5 levels starting from Level A which is the Basic course starting with the basics to Level E which is about Commercial Photography and also Level B which is an Advance Course in Digital Photography with DSLR Camera. The course fee charged for each level is very much affordable and payable in easy installments.

So if you have a knack for photography, then considering the tremendous career options available in the present scenario, you could easily pursue them after undertaking the digital photography course offered at Ujjiban ISPT. The comprehensive training provided at the photography Institute will surely provide you with a head start in this field. For further details please visit or call us @ +91 9433-8509-73 / +91 7044-0766-88 / +91 9331-2974-18

Join Ujjiban ISPT and learn the art of photography at your own pace and time within an affordable budget.

We promise you to….

  • Develop your VISUAL IMAGINATION.
  • Unlock the potential of your CREATIVE EYE.
  • Become CONFIDENT like a Professional Photographer to Turn your PASSION into a PROFESSION.

Step into the Creative World, Move on to Explore, Develop your Skill & Give a new dimension to your Imagination. We are here to help you in this journey….

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