In the present world there are several professional and academic courses like never before. With technology bringing about revolutionary changes in the way we lead our lives, we must be open to change. So be it in terms of ways we communicate, how we get entertained or how we work, the old is now fast making way for the new. So too with career options and opportunities we have today too have gone through a sea change.The professions which were considered mere hobbies only a decade ago have become extremely lucrative and are now serious businesses. Amongst such unconventional professions which were mere hobbies sometime back offer great opportunities is Photography and Cinematography. Being into the business of photography and film making we at Ujjiban ISPT in Kolkata have recognized the great scope these professions have to offer and thus started Short Term professional courses in the field so that you are able to make it big in this lucrative industry. What is best about these professional courses is that unlike other Institutes where the fees are very high, the ones at Ujjiban ISPT, pioneer in providing Courses on Cinematography in Kolkata are very affordable and payments terms are easy to avail. Besides it is not necessary for you to have a great background in the field. As long you have a knack for the subject and are earnestly want to pursue your dreams in this profession, achieving success with Ujjiban ISPT, Kolkata is very much possible.

Courses - Ujjiban ISPT

Professional Courses at Ujjibaan ISPT:

At Ujjiban ISPT offers comprehensive training on Digital Photography, Cinematography, Film Direction and Acting. These courses are specifically targeted at those who are planning to build careers in these fields. Following the course those who are serious can enhance their Photographic Skills to a level where in they can even consider working as an independent professional. Photography is a field where in a lot of practical insight is required which is why practical training is imparted with professional instruments in the course. The aim of Ujjiban ISBT has always been to provide high quality education at affordable rates. All the courses are designed in a way that even busy professionals can pursue these courses in spite of their busy schedule.

Course On Digital Still Photography:

We are extreme fortunate to be born in a very beautiful country like India, which provides endless opportunities to the photographers in terms of landscape, nature, wildlife, culture, festivals and people. Through photography one can express this diverse beauty, our country has to offer. So our Digital Photography course too covers a wide range of subjects which includes Travel and documentary, Photojournalism, Commercial photography, Advertisement related Photography, Portrait Photography, etc. Following the successful completion, a participant can expect his or her skill levels to match industry standards.

Course on Cinematography and Film Direction:

Under this segment training is provided in terms of documentary films, feature films and films related to advertisements. After the successful Completion one can expect to develop one’s own feature and documentary films, even with minimum equipment.

Training on Acting:

In acting training is provided for both on stage acting as well as cinema. Training is also provided for recitation and anchoring, News Reading and Anchoring.

So without wasting any more time if you looking to pursue any of the above mentioned courses at affordable costs get in touch with us or visit us at

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