Often we get to listen from students this days that their aim is to build career in Cinematography and Film Direction.  If you are a creative person and have a knack for photography then perhaps, film making could be a field which could provide you the right platform for exploring your creativity. This is a very unconventional profession indeed where only few dare to tread upon. The making of films occupies a primary part of mass media and it is not just about entertainment but also about information along with communication. Film making is not just about making feature films, as commonly understood, but involves documentaries, promotional films, television commercials, music videos, etc. The process of film making is about a team work which involves acting, cinematography, script writing, visual mixing, etc. Here at Ujjiban ISPT, a leading Institute in providing Photography Courses in Kolkata offer courses on cinematography and film direction apart from acting at affordable rates. In this blog we explore the career prospects in this field.

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Understanding The Difference Between Film Cinematography And Film Direction:

The making of a film irrespective of its type has a chief camera operator whose primary role is placement of camera, lighting, etc. The director of photography also known as the cinematographer heads the crew and is in charge of the photography.

The Director on the other hand has the overall responsibility the film is made. Direction of films requires creative vision, technical knowledge, organizing skills for the management of the entire film production process. Thus film direction is a much wider field.

At Ujjiban ISPT, there is a comprehensive course on Cinematography and film direction on the other hand where in a high quality education on enhancing these skills with in a minimum budget. In the course all the basic steps of film making, starting from the conceptualization to the execution are covered. The course covers not just theory but also a fully practical insight is provided with examples. Following the successful completion of this unique film making course the participant would be able to build one’s own documentary film as well as feature film. The course is extensive and teaches the students about various elements of film making starting from composition of photography, story identification, developing a good quality script, the audition process for the cast, right selection of camera and lenses for a scene, application of background music, use of ambient and artificial lights, etc.

The course is ideally designed for those who are looking to develop an exclusive career in cinematography and film direction. It would help participants to enrich their film making skills to a level where they could work as an independent professional in the field.

Film making is perhaps more about art than it is about technique; there is a lot of learning to be done as a Cinematographer. However, the course at Ujjiban ISPT, the premier institute on Courses on Cinematography in Kolkata is very much affordable and fees is payable in installments. So if you really passionate about film making, Ujjiban ISPT in Kolkata is the best place to start at.

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to work as an independent professional in the following fields:

  • Expert level work for any Family and Corporate events.
  • Best in class Motion picture work in wedding ceremony program.
  • Making Corporate Videos.
  • Professional level Documentary movie making.
  • Cinematographer in any motion picture advertising work.
  • Cinematographer in any TV programs.
  • Professional level movie.
  • Based on your skill level you can also get a chance to work as a director of photography or an assistant director of a high budget movie.

You can also participate in several national and international film festivals. If you can make a good production and can rank in few of those, you can make yourself popular in film industry and hence. it would be easier for you to arrange a producer for your next big budget film.

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