Welcome to Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography & Travelogue, Kolkata

We offer short term training courses & workshops on Cinematography & Film Direction. The course is designed for those who would like to make their career in Cinematography, Film Direction in media industry or would like to enrich these skills to the premium level to aspire to work as an independent professional. The practical training will be done with professional instruments and infrastructure.

Our Mission

To provide high quality education within minimum budget and time to enhance your skills in Cinematography & Film Direction so that you can learn the subject as per the industry requirements even within your busy schedule.

Our Vision

  • To develop the creative sense in you.
  • To make you capable to work like a professional Cinematographer and Film Director.
  • To build up your confidence level, so that you can step into the career in Cinematography and Film Direction.

Cinematography and Film Direction Course

You will learn Professional level Cinematography and after successful completion of this course, you will be efficiently work as a Cinematographer as per the industry standard in the areas….

  • Expert level work for any Family and Corporate events.
  • Best in class Motion picture work in wedding ceremony program.
  • Making Corporate Videos.
  • Professional level Documentary movie making.
  • Cinematographer in any motion picture advertising work.
  • Cinematographer in any TV programs.
  • Professional level movie.
  • Based on your skill level you can also get a chance to work as a director of photography or an assistant director of a high budget movie.

You can also participate in several national and international film festivals. If you can make a good production and can rank in few of those, you can make yourself popular in film industry and hence. it would be easier for you to arrange a producer for your next big budget film.

This is a simple demonstration on motion picture Travel Documentary created by Ujjiban ISPT. Use headphone while watching.