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Cinematography & Film Direction Tips 1: There are 3 important ‘T’s of any feature film…Movie ‘Teaser’ for the advertisement, Movie ‘Trailer’…this is also for the advertisement purpose. Another important ‘T’ is ‘Title’ scene of a movie. Here is a short video tutorial from Ujjiban Ispt on how to create a . Watch this using headphone. Here is a short video demonstration on Movie Title scene by Ujjiban ISPT . Please click the text below…

Sample demonstration on Movie Title scene

How to make a movie title scene. A Cinematography and Film Direction Tutorial.

How to make a movie title scene. A Cinematography and Film Direction Tutorial.


Cinematography & Film Direction Tips 2: This demonstration is to showcase how you can create motion picture travel photography or any documentary film on a particular topic or even a feature film, if you can make yourself technically skilled in cinematography & film direction. You can very well realize that quite a lot of cinematography techniques and best practices of motion picture direction methods have been applied during shooting. Learn how to use the best practices of cinematography and film direction to make your motion picture shots more dynamic. We promise that we can make you competent enough to improve your imagination constructively to build this type of motion picture from a storyline to final product, if you learn cinematography & film direction from our best in class instructors of Ujjiban ISPT. Here is a short video on Travel Photography by Ujjiban ISPT to demonstrate how to create a documentary film. Please click the text below…Take a look at this demo travel photography movie film from Ujjiban ISPT. Try to observe how camera angles and movements have been used here and how the shots are designed elegantly to maintain the rhythm of the overall film. How the music is placed….Are you interested to learn how to make this kind of movie film using your camera….please get in touch with Ujjiban ISPT.

Endearing Darjeeling a Travel photography documentary film


Cinematography and Film Direction Tutorial



Cinematography & Film Direction Tips 2:

Use of multiple cameras can be effectively used to reduce the production time during movie shooting. As an example, if  you design scene with multiple shots or shot division, use individual camera for individual camera angle like one for composite shot, one for close up and one for over the shoulder etc. This will actually help you to complete the shooting of the scene as quick as possible. This will also help you during video editing process to ensure excellent quality match cut of multiple shots and having almost no jerk during display of the scene. This method is also highly effective during video song album. If you take a look at any music channel, you can see how interestingly different kinds of small shots are put together. Sometime the shots are taken on a static tripod from different angles to show the expression of the character and then suddenly dolly shots followed by an amazing crane shot from top angle. To make smooth integration of these shots by putting together in a logical sequence during editing phase, idea of multiple cameras often could be a great relief.

multiple camera


Cinematography & Film Direction Tips 3:

You have an interesting story in your mind for your short film project….but got stuck on how to proceed technically. Visit Ujjiban ISPT ( An institute of Photography, Cinematography and Film Direction Institute of Kolkata ) and take a personalized 3 days workshop, 3 hrs per day one to one basis….We will help you to execute your project by providing you
1. Knowledge support.
2. Technical support.
3. Movie shooting help etc…

All these value added service from us will help you to execute your movie making process. Email us at or
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Pl check the demonstration below…We will ensure your movie will be also like this.


Cinematography & Film Direction Tips 3:

During your travel photography documentary shooting program, never ever ignore to capture floras and faunas and small elements. If necessary, positively do some homework to capture the knowledge on these subjects. Know about people, culture, spiritual aspects, transportation system, landmarks, landscapes, foods, agriculture etc. Learn more about Travel Photography tips at and please also take a look at to know more such tips.


Cinematography & Film Direction Tips 4:

Ujjiban ISPT has introduced few Special short term courses :

1. Story development skill for Cinema.
2. Script writing for Cinema.
3. Video photography.
4. Recitation.
5. Event Anchoring.

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