Searching correct photographs for website is an essential task. Research shows that an image can convey much more than what words convey. The latest developments in graphic designing have been such that it has made online users used to very high standards of graphics and images. . 


If your website is unable to match up to the high expectations in terms of the aesthetics and elegance, you are bound to lose out on potential business.In fact a recent survey has shown that the appearance of a website determines up to 60% of its success. So the quality of the photographs used forbuilding your website is of key importance. It determines your professionalism, enhances the overall look of your website and creates credibility foryour website. Thus it can make or break your website. At being a premier photography Institute in Kolkata, we have identified the following points below why it is so important to have good quality photographs for your website:


Have a professional photo shoot:

These days there are lot of stock photography websites which may be available at a low cost. So you may be using these to meet tight lines or for cutting down costs, but there are drawbacks associated with this. One major reason is that since the same photographs you choose may be used by a lot of people too, using exactly the same photographs. If a potential customer for your business notices this then it would mean an obvious dent on your professionalism and credibility. Thus in such cases having a photo shoot for your website would create an uniqueness which would go a long way to boost your business. Once the photographs have been clicked you could also find out ways from the graphic designer of your website as to how these could be made more unique with photo filters, layering and cropping to make them even more unique for your business.

Use Photos of people and positive imagery in your photographs:

People always relate to seeing other people, more so if they are from a similar background. Besides any website visitor would always prefer seeing smiling and happy people. These would trigger happier emotions and a positive energy leading to more favorable decision making.  

It is better to have fewer high quality photographs rather than to have plenty of unimpressive photographs for your website. As already discussed graphics have a serious impact on how websites visitors are drawn into your website and retained. Thus always work primarily on having some good impactful photographs for your website.

Your website must be responsive to different screen sizes. Today screen sizes are all much larger than what they were being used previously. Thus you need higher resolution images and not merely larger ones for higher quality. Thus a professional photographer would help you in this regard too.

So to summarize with the high standards in graphics for your website, professional photography customized for your need is the only way ahead.   

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