Our Journal…Ujjiban Patrikawill be released tentatively by end of June 2016.

We all know that photography is basically painting with light to tell a story about a people, culture, about an event or incidents or even any mesmerizing landscapes of a location. It is a form of art that has to be developed. A picture can tell thousands of word. So we can tell a story either by writing or by capturing nice photograph by silent language of our photography skill. It is nothing but a visual language by which we can communicate with people about what we have seen, what we have felt about anything so that the viewer can clearly conceive what we have tried to convey to them. If that is the philosophy, we can always say that we have a literature embedded in our photograph. It could be even a motion picture photography, which we normally call as cinematography, using which a documentary or fiction based movies are made. Hence to develop knowledge photography, we definitely should have a combined sense of literature and art. We should have a power of visual intelligence which in fact elevates our observation skill.

Keeping that idea in mind Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography and Travelogue is going to release a journal ‘Ujjiban Patrika’. Below is the proposed cover page of the journal…but yet to be finalized by another week down the line. This magazine will be highly knowledge oriented in the area of Still Photography, Cinematography, Film Direction and Acting. You will also get the opportunity to know the technical experiences shared by our renowned personalities in the areas of literature, photography, acting and film direction. Hope you will enjoy.  Ujjiban Patrika Cover page

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