Our Privacy Policy

In case you are interested for our Photography, Cinematography, Film Direction and Acting courses, you may have option to provide us your name, phone number, email address and any specific query regarding our training programs so that we can get in touch with you to discuss about what kind of training programs you are specifically looking for.

  1. We keep all these information with us only just to keep in touch with you. We may use your phone number or email address to inform you as and when there will be our new training/workshops programs or any new events like photography competitions, exhibitions, offers, publication of journals of Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography and Travelogue which we normally plan periodically.
  2. During our competitions and exhibitions programs, we may ask you to send your still or motion picture work to our official email address ( contact@ujjiban.com) of Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography and Travelogue in case you are interested to participate in those events. We will also ask you to give us the permission by email to feature your artistic work publicly either in our website or in our official Facebook business page or any of our other social community sites or even in an exhibition which will be conducted by Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography and Travelogue, in case you rank in any of these competitions and exhibitions programs.

We never share your name, phone number, email address information to other external business entity under any circumstances.