Admission is going on for April and May 2018 batch for DSLR Photography Training Course of Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography & Travelogue for Still and Video Photography


Our Vision is to make you a complete professional photographer as per the industry need.

  • Step into the world of CREATIVITY.
  • Build your COMPETENCY on Photography Skill.
  • Become CONFIDENT like a Professional Still and Video Photographer.

Welcome page for Photography Course of

Ujjiban Institute of Spectrum Photography & Travelogue, Kolkata

Admission is Going On

We offer short term training courses & workshops in Digital Still Photography. The courses are designed for those who would like to make their career in still photography or would like to enrich these skills to the premium level to aspire to work as an independent professional. The practical training will be done with professional instruments and infrastructure.

Our Mission

To provide high quality education within minimum budget and time to enhance your skills in Digital Still Photography so that you can learn the subject as per the industry requirements even within your busy schedule.

Our Vision

  • To develop the creative sense in you.
  • To make you capable to work like a professional photographer.
  • To build up your confidence level, so that you can step into the career in photography.

Digital Still photography Course

You will learn Professional level photography, Documentary photography, Commercial photography like Wedding, Events, Product and Still life for advertisement, Fashion portrait. After successful completion of this course, you will be able to photograph efficiently as per the industry standard.

Course Structure

Level A: Basic course on digital photography…(8 Classes)…Total Course fees Rs 3500/- payable in 2 installments.
  • Pre requisite: Only one point & Shoot camera.

Level B: Basic and Advance course in DSLR photography with DSLR camera…
(28 Classes)……Course fee Rs 15000/- payable in installments. Purpose: To shoot like a professional fashion photographer. 
  • Pre requisite: DSLR Camera
  • Course details: Compositions.
    Understanding different areas of photography. Understanding photography lens.Professional way of DSLR operation.
    Assignments on different areas of photography. Basic video photography. Still and Video journalism Project work.

OBJECTIVE: To Shoot like a professional photographer
Level C: Commercial Photography
(16 Classes)……Course fee Rs 15000/- payable in installments.  Purpose: To shoot like a professional commercial photographer. 
  1. Pre requisite: DSLR Camera

  2. Course details:
  1. Fashion Photography(Practical with model)
  2. Product Photography
  3. Video Photography
OBJECTIVE: To shoot like a commercial photographer. 

Career in Still Photography

Ideally most photographers work independently. The earning level is highly variable and depends on the level of expertise and experience and the size of the project. As a photographer you can build up your expertise depending on your interest or passion. Here is the career guideline for Still Photographers.

We also arrange specialized workshops both indoor and outdoor to enhance your knowledge so that you can move up in the value chain.

There will be examination after completion of each level.

The structure of the examination will be…

  • 12 photos captured during the course period.
  • One article on subject with example photos.
  • Written test and 3 extempore photos

We also provide training on Video Photography, which are nowadays required in commercial photography segments. Having knowledge in video photography will help you to move up in the value chain. Please click the button below to know more about video photography course.

Commercial Photography

  • Product Advertisement: As a product photographer, your responsibility will be to produce the picture using right kind of technical setups and lighting skills so that it can be attractively featured in advertisement media for the target customers. Here products can range from life style products (from Jewellery / Cosmetics / Watches etc.), foods and beverages, automobiles etc.
  • Fashion Photography: Fashion photography is primarily related to fashion products where you have to work closely with models and fashion designers to shoot photos that showcase fashion items. Experienced fashion photographers may get the opportunity to work as freelance photographer or sometime at the earlier stage of his/her career may be employed by fashion magazines, catalogs, advertising agencies or fashion houses.

Event Photography

  • Wedding ceremony: Nowadays wedding photography has become most vital part of any wedding program. Apart from capturing only the memories, clients also demand for most innovative and artistic images for which you have to be highly creative. Now the work is not only few images consisting of group photos. Using your innovative ideas, proper ground work and technical knowledge you have to come up with images which can accentuate the overall mood of the scene artistically. Wedding photography is highly competitive and hence to survive, you have to deliver premium quality pictures to the clients which are really artistic by nature.
  • Corporate or Family events: Corporate Events: Taking pictures of employees and guests in corporate events such as conferences, parties, celebrations and sales events, training, meetings etc. It also includes taking formal pictures of employees for websites, magazines and news letters Family Events: Taking pictures of family events like birthday, marriage anniversary, social get-together etc. Apart from straight group shots, you might have to deliver some artistic images to your client.

Documentary photography

  • Photojournalism: Photography on real life or current affair reportage. It might also be an amateur, artistic or sometime for academic purpose. This is all about truthfully portraying people, places and events. With additional qualification on journalism and mass communication, you can get the opportunity at Newspaper company.
  • Travelogue: This is also a documentary in nature where you have to have the illustrated write up of a travel. The purpose is to help the reader to about the place, about the culture, people, foods etc. which we normally see in any travel magazine.

If you would like to be self employed as a freelance photographer,  you also need to focus on following areas

  • Staying updated about the industry requirements.
  • How to run a business.
  • Marketing skills.
  • Client Management skill.
  • Good communication skill.

Step into the Creative World, Move on to Explore, Develop your Skill & Give a new dimension to your Imagination.

Admission is going on

We Make you Creative, Capable & Confident as per the industry standard.
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